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for more colours please contact mail@megudesign.co.uk

a felt ball ring

silver plated adjustable ring with felt ball.
(shown in blue lavender with metallic fibre)

pick a colour from below:

  1. single colour of: 1. green 2. vivid green 3. khaki
4. cranberry 5. garnet 6. fuchsia
  2. mixed colours of:

1. orange/yellow/white

2. orange/yellow
3. baby pink/orange
  3. colour(s) & metallic fibre 1. white 2.blue lavender
4. red 5. bright pink

choose a number of the colour then fill in the colour box

eg. "3-1" means you will get "mixture of white and metallic fibre felt balls"

(+ postage: £2.00)

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